Your Co-Employment Partner
Canadian Payroll Services Simple 3 step process

Canadian Payroll Services makes managing payroll and employment compliance for all your Canadian remote workers easy. You find the right talent. CPS hires and onboards them.

Engage CPS today so that you can get back to what you do best, while we manage payroll, remittances, reporting and administration. 

With a co-employment partner, you can:

Employ remote Canadian workers

Leave all mandatory government reporting and filing in our hands

Be fully compliant with Canadian employment laws

Provide Canadian-based employee benefits and retirement contributions

Have greater peace of mind

With our expanded offerings, you can customize your employment agreement to land top talent.


Retirement Savings




Background Checks

Our Work

Canadian Payroll Services is the Employer of Record (EOR) taking responsibility for the formal employer tasks to assist foreign companies in overcoming the regulatory, administrative and compliance hurdles when employing Canadian workers.

Business Admin Graphic. Manager and remote workers with spreadsheets, reporting, clocks, and other business considerations.

Your Co-Employment Partner. When you need to hire remote workers in Canada, the complexities of employment regulations, payroll, and work permit requirements for non-resident companies can seem daunting.

Learning the environment and maintaining compliance can cause difficulties for foreign businesses looking to work with Canadian talent. Our solution is to act as the employer of record on your behalf.

As a Professional Employer Organization in Canada, we will engage your talent and assign your worker to you as our foreign client. Your worker reports to you directly for all day to day business and we process the payroll, collect and remit the necessary taxes. This relieves your administrative burden allowing you to hire Canadian talent easily.

We handle the Back office administration

Help you navigate Canadian regulations

Process your worker’s payroll bi-weekly

Allow you to offer competitive employment packages

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