Hire Remote Employees in Canada

Canadian Payroll Services is an Employer of Record (EOR) service that connects Canadian talent with global business, that do not have a Canadian entity. We enable global businesses of all sizes to hire in Canada without creating a local entity. You can hire just one Canadian remote worker or a whole team, without setup costs or registering a local business.
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What Is EOR, and How Can It Help Me Hire in Canada?

What Is an EOR?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is an HR outsourcing organization that hires employees on behalf of other companies and handles payroll, benefits, and HR. Unlike a PEO or payroll provider, the hiring of remote workers is totally outsourced. Employees are, on paper, employed by the EOR – while you manage your employees in their day-to-day responsibilities. With an EOR, there is no need to open a local entity or tax account, and no local taxes need to be filed. Canadian Payroll Services offers comprehensive Employer of Record and compliance support in every Canadian province and territory.
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Hire, Manage and Pay Remote Employees in Canada

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Hiring Employees in Canada

Our EOR services in Canada enable you to hire and onboard remote workers in Canada efficiently, without the need to establish a Canadian entity, savi ng you both time and money.

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Managing Employees in Canada

While you manage your employee’s responsibilities at work, we handle HR responsibilities on your behalf, so you have more time to focus on what matters most to your business.

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Paying Employees in Canada

As an EOR in Canada, we take care of payrolling your remote Canadian workers, ensuring full compliance with local employment and compensation regulations.

Canadian Employer of Record with Real Local Expertise

We’ve streamlined international hiring with a mix of easy-to-use employment tools, and highly qualified local experts who manage the hiring, onboarding and payroll process. We’ve automated the repetitive parts of international payroll but kept all the important ones in expert human hands.

Why Is Having a Local Canadian EOR So Important?

If you’re looking to hire workers in Canada, you deserve to be supported by experts, like an EOR. Choosing the right one, however, is crucial. While a global PEO or EOR organization might seem a good choice on paper, local organizations like Canadian Payroll Services often have the edge.

Hiring workers through a global PEO exponentially increases the touchpoints between you and your staff, which can lead to bungled procedures and complications. At CPS, we don’t want to control how you manage your staff, but rather empower you with our knowledge through information and resources. We handle the paperwork and administration so you can focus on managing your team, but we make sure you’re kept up to date with important information and relevant developments.

Canadian employment laws and regulations can vary by province, but our local expertise means we can assure full compliance wherever you’re hiring. Our expert team has a native understanding of different Canadian employment contexts and can support you to hire remote workers in Canada with no in-country obligations, and no need to set up a legal entity. You’ll be supported by a dedicated Account Manager who will get to know your business needs inside out, and will offer real, human support through the entire life cycle.

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Handling HR Compliance and Admin So You Don’t Have To

As an Employer of Record (EOR), we hire, onboard, and payroll your team so you can grow in Canada effortlessly. We handle local agreements, payroll, and taxes, keeping you compliant through every change in employment legislation.
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No Canadian Entity

We hire your team onto our payroll so that you don’t need to set up a Canadian subsidiary or branch.

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No Bank Account

We pay your team directly and debit or invoice you monthly for salary, bonuses, and employer taxes.

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No CRA Registration

We handle employer payroll taxes. You won’t have to register or file with the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Hiring for a Variety of Job Roles in Your Business

At Canadian Payroll Services, our experience can help you hire remote workers in Canada across a variety of roles and departments.

Business Development

Hiring remote Business Development professionals through an EOR is a great way to expand your team and explore new markets while minimizing business risks. Used to operating in a smaller economy with a global orientation, Canadian Business Development professionals can help you scale your business in North America and beyond.


DevOps is one of the most common remote roles for a reason. Devs tend to be independent, self-sufficient, and comfortable with asynchronous work. In an increasingly competitive talent market, we can help you grow your team in one of the world’s hottest tech talent markets, Canada.

Marketing Managers

Today’s marketers excel at being creative and collaborative in a remote environment. We can help you extend your marketing team with off hours Social Media Managers, target a new market with Marketing Managers, or level up your campaigns with the best Canadian Analysts and Automation Engineers.

Customer Service

Customer service needs are becoming increasingly digitized, so it’s no surprise that customer service roles are often remote. We can help you hire remote customer service staff in Canada, a country with multiple time zones, to ensure your customers are looked after around the clock.

Sales Managers

Sales managers are work from anywhere, anytime professionals. So why would you let location get in the way of a great hire? We can help you hire Sales Managers in Canada to extend your reach, grow your remote team, or take advantage of their expertise in international sales.

IT Managers

No one supports your remote or international workers better than remote IT Managers. Used to supporting teams across six time zones and in two official languages, few understand the challenges of distributed teams better than Canadian IT Managers.

Our Employer of Record Services

Trying to attract top talent? Take advantage of our full suite of talent retention tools, including health and wellness benefits and retirement savings, without creating a new Canadian entity. We give your workers the kind of employee experience that your in-office team members enjoy.
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Health insurance, life insurance, dental, eye care, pharmaceuticals, and more

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Group retirement savings, including employer match options

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Legal Advice

Consultations with our employment and immigration law partners

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Employee Perks

Employee assistance plan, gym membership, and discounts

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HR Support

Onboarding, offboarding advice, compliance, employee letters, and support

Easy to Use Tools and Smart Automation

Our employee management and payment platform make growing your team in Canada easy. We’ve simplified managing invoices, expenses, and tracking PTO and leaves.

Everything in One Place

Need to check a contract? Contact your HR Account Manager? Track expenses and time off? You can do all this and more on our employee management platform.

  • Leave Management
  • Expenses
  • Documents
  • HR Support
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Automatic Payments

Streamline your international payroll with recurring auto-debits. We debit your account and direct deposit payroll for your Canadian team. Never miss an invoice or payroll cycle; ensure your workers are paid on time every time.
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Manage Expenses

Manage the whole expense process for your Canadian workers in our platform or use it to track reimbursements



Our Human Resources and Payroll managers are certified, experienced, experts in Canadian employment and payroll rules.
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Our Human Resources and Payroll managers are certified, experienced, experts in Canadian employment and payroll rules.

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Our Human Resources and Payroll managers are certified, experienced, experts in Canadian employment and payroll rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Hiring Canadian Workers

Our Human Resources and Payroll managers are certified, experienced, experts in Canadian employment and payroll rules.

In short, you should hire an Employer of Record (EOR) to make your life easier. Third-party EORs handle HR and payroll administration for you, ensuring full compliance with local employment law, so you can focus your time and energy on growing your core business.

Hiring in Canada has a wealth of benefits: Canada’s workforce is highly educated and adaptable due to the size of the country, salary expectations are lower, and the different time zones across the country mean that you can hire Canadian workers to staff your business while your domestic team is off the clock. Find out more about the benefits of hiring remote workers in Canada.
An Employer of Record (EOR) is an employment outsourcing provider, allowing companies to hire in countries where they don’t have a legal entity or local subsidiary. Employer of Record companies process payroll, manage benefits, handle onboarding and offboarding, and provide human resources support along the way. EOR companies do not direct, manage, or assign workers, and they typically do not provide staffing services. EORs sometimes provide recruiting, HR consulting, legal and immigration advice, and other services.
Canadian PEOs are different from American PEOs in several ways. First, outside of the US the term PEO is used loosely to refer to everything from payroll outsourcing to employment outsourcing to employee leasing. Second, in Canada PEOs cannot be certified by the Canada Revenue Agency as American PEOs can be certified by the IRS. Canadian HR outsourcing companies and Employers of Record (EOR) are the closest match to US PEOs.
All EORs provide some HR outsourcing, usually limited to payroll, hiring and termination. Other HR functions, such as handbook creation, workforce planning, discipline, and training may be offered as additional services. Canadian Payroll Services provides a range of HR outsourcing services as an add-on to our Employer of Record solution.