Canadian Payroll Services (CPS) is a Canadian Professional Employer Organization (PEO). We launched our business in 2014 as the specialized payroll service arm of Cronos Consulting Group (TeamCronos.com), a niche Engineering recruitment practice, as our Vancouver branch. From that humble start, CPS has grown into a national brand helping companies and contractors manage their payroll and employment compliance for companies who need back-office support or a presence in Canada.


As a Professional Employer Organization, we assist companies in employing remote workers by acting as their legal employment representative. We specialize in helping Canadian companies hire remote workers, independent contractors or augmented staff, and in helping American and International companies employ Canadian talent.


The contractor payroll services we provide helps employers by properly classifying talent – as consultants, contractors, or employees – to ensure both they and our client firms are legally protected and compliant with Canadian employment law.


We take care of the administrative details of employment, so you can work with the talent you need.



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