Added Services

We offer a range of added services to enrich your employment packages and improve your remote team member’s experience. Customize your employment agreement to land top talent.


Canada’s Universal Healthcare lifts healthcare burden from employers but you can remain competitive to prospective candidates by offering your employees supplemental benefits. We offer supplemental health benefits to cover essentials such as prescription drugs, dental, vision, and more. Our plans also include disability insurance for your employees.

Retirement Savings

The ability to match or contribute to a retirement package is an enticing benefit for candidates. We can facilitate employer contributions to a workers retirement savings.


We will process your remote employees approved expenses. Invoicing you for the expenses and depositing them directly into the employee’s bank account as we would their regular remuneration. This simplifies the process for both you and the employee.


Our team is here to guide you in creating HR policies that fall in line with Canadian Legislation. This includes keeping in compliance with ESA regulations.

Background Checks

We can help you vet your prospective candidates to give you peace of mind about your remote team members. We work with our specialized partners to offer a variety of background checks including: Criminal, Employment Verification, Social Media Review, and Credit Checks

We create custom employment solutions to help you achieve your hiring goals, including attracting top talent, incentivizing performance, or build and retain whole teams.