Author: Megan Purdy

Canada recruiting

The Canada Recruiting Advantage

Canada lost 7200 jobs in March. This is an opportunity for international companies looking to expand their remote workforce. After six months of steady job creation, Canada’s job market contracted sharply in March, shedding a net 7,200 jobs. This contraction didn’t come as a surprise to economists, who have been predicting a slowdown after a […]
Skills to look for in remote worker

Skills to Look for In Remote Workers

Nearly 56% of companies globally allow some sort of remote work. For some that means letting employees work from home on occasion, for others it means having one or more employees digitally commuting 100% of the time. The advantages for both employees and employers are clear. More focus and fewer costs are among the top […]
Augmented Staffing

Why Augmented Staffing Continues to Grow

Intuit estimates that 45% of Canadians will be self-employed by 2020. The shift toward self-employment has been fast and far-reaching. Equally rapid has been the broader movement from traditional, full-time employment to augmented staffing. The two trends combined are nothing less than a transformation of the Canadian economy.
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