Why You Need Canadian Remote Workers


The rising prominence of remote work has had many benefits, not least of which is the freedom to expand into international talent markets. COVID-19 forced many businesses to establish strategies for remote work, and now those strategies are in place, those businesses can use them to their advantage to hire remote workers internationally.

The Canadian talent market is often overlooked, but offers so much potential to your business. Canada boasts a multilingual population, split across six different time zones, with excellent education and highly-skilled candidates, but lacks the opportunities of larger employment markets such as the US or the UK.

In this guide, we will explain what hiring remote workers in Canada can do for your business, and show you why the Canadian talent market should be your next port of call when expanding your remote workforce.

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Canadian Payroll Services is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) focused on connecting Canadian talent with global business. We make it possible for global businesses of all sizes to hire remote workers in Canada without creating a local entity.

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Why You Need Canadian Remote Workers

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