Changing PEO and EOR Services -What to Consider and Why

Changing PEO and EOR Services: What to Consider and Why 

As companies grow, what they need from vendors and partners changes. It’s no different when it comes to PEOs. The perfect PEO is the one that fits your unique business needs, and as those change, your PEO may be able to evolve with you, or it may be time to part ways. PEOs provide a range of crucial HR services to their clients, including benefits, payroll and Employer of Record (EOR) services. It’s important to companies to regularly assess their HR needs and consider if their PEO is still meeting them. If not, it may be time to look for a new PEO. In this blog, we go over why and how to go about changing PEO and EOR providers.    

Why Companies Change PEO and EOR Service Providers  

When companies decide to change PEO and EOR providers, it’s most commonly driven by internal growth, a need to seek cost savings, or unsatisfactory services. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the PEO or EOR has let their clients down; it may be that you’re just looking for something more. PEOs and EORs have diverse offerings and pricing models. When yours doesn’t fit anymore, it doesn’t mean it’s time to settle, it means it’s time to switch!  

You’ve Outgrown Your PEO 

Your company is growing quickly but your PEO, with whom you’ve had a great relationship, can’t keep up. Onboarding new workers is slowing down, errors are creeping up in your payroll invoices. As happy as you’ve been with your PEO up until now, you’ve reached their capacity limit and it’s time for a change. You need a PEO or EOR provider that can handle bigger groups of workers and deliver great service at a faster pace.  

You’re Looking for Cost Savings  

Your company is reprioritizing and looking to find a less expensive option for PEO or EOR services. While you’ve been happy with what your current PEO can do, you aren’t making full use of their services and need to downsize to a leaner, more cost effective package. You need a PEO or EOR that can tailor their services to meet your needs and your budget.  

Your PEO Isn’t Meeting Your Needs  

You need more. Your PEO hasn’t done anything wrong but you need a better benefits package, recruiting support, more local expertise, or another HR service that they just can’t provide. When your PEO is no longer meeting your needs, it’s time to look at what else the market can provide. Fortunately, there are other PEO and EOR options, many of which can meet the needs of any growing company.  

What to Consider When Changing PEO and EORs  

You know it’s time to change your PEO or EOR, but where do you get started and what should you watch out for?  

What Services Does the PEO or EOR Offer?  

Start with your needs, not with what PEOs offer. What do you need that you aren’t getting now? Once you’ve identified what your current PEO or EOR isn’t providing, it makes it much easier to understand if a PEO’s offering is right for you. When you’re considering a new PEO or EOR, try to get a sense of their full service offering, not just what you’re looking for today. This helps you get a sense of whether this PEO can grow with you.  

In addition to great Employer of Record services, look for:  

  • A payment solution that helps you manage invoices and international payments 
  • Employee management tools and a fully digital experience  
  • Flexible benefits options for your whole team including part time employees and contractors 
  • Recruiting and workforce planning consulting  

Do They Meet Your Standards?  

PEOs and EORs provide services that have a big impact on your workforce, so it’s essential that they meet your standards of service. When PEOs don’t live up to your expectations, they can create tension between you and your team. That’s why it’s important to know what kind of service you can expect from a PEO.  

Questions to ask:  

  • Will we be supported by certified Human Resources and Payroll professionals?  
  • How quickly do you respond to support queries?  
  • What happens if there’s an error in my payroll and how quickly can it be fixed? 
  • Where do you store employee data and who has access to it?  

Once you’ve had a chance to speak to a few PEOs, compare their offerings based on price, service offering, customer service, and most importantly, if they meet your needs. Your PEO fit is the one that meets you where you are today and will grow with you.  

For a deeper dive into how to choose a PEO or EOR service provider, check out this blog.  

Why Change to Canadian Payroll Services  

Canadian Payroll Services is a PEO that provides payroll, Employer of Record and Human Resources services in Canada. We specialize in helping global companies grow their teams in Canada and provide unmatched local expertise on tax an employment law and the local talent market.  

We provide:  

  • Compliant local agreements for employees and contractors in every province  
  • Payroll services including expense management, stipends, premiums and overtime 
  • Self-serve employee tools for paystubs, expenses and time off  
  • Tools to help our clients manage international payments   
  • Support from certified Human Resources and Payroll professionals  
  • Benefits packages for every employee and contractor type including, insurance, flexible spending accounts, retirement savings plans and an employee assistance program  

If your current PEO hasn’t been able to provide you and your team the level of local support and knowledge that you need, Canadian Payroll Services can help. Contact us to learn more!  

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