Canadian Contractor Payroll

We Make Hiring Canadian Contractors Easy

Managing international contracts and payments doesn’t have to be complicated! With the support of our Contractor Payroll Services team, we can effortlessly recruit, hire and payroll your Canadian contractors. So, whether you need to hire one contractor or a whole team, we’re there to help you every step of the way.
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Contractor Payroll All In One Place

Our professional and accessible employee management platform makes it easy to stay on top of contractor expenses, contract renewals and changes. We also guarantee expert guidance and constant access to our HR Support team.
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Our simple and easy to use Human Resources Information Software (HRIS) allows you to quickly track payments and manage your contractor expense process from start to finish.

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Need some advice on contract changes, compliance or recruiting? Using our HRIS, quickly contacting your HR Account Manager couldn’t be easier.

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Our easily accessible document centre keeps all your documents securely in one place, so there’s no need to worry about missing documents or version control again.

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Fast, Secure and Easy Payments

Our unique payment system simplifies Canadian and international contractor payroll. You pay one monthly invoice, while we handle disbursements.

  • Secure, automated payments for you and your team
  • Fast disbursements and reimbursements
  • We take timesheet submissions or exports

Ensure You and Your Contract Workers are Compliant

Our expert HR Account Managers and Payroll Administrators have years of essential experience within the Canadian market. We work with the best local law firms to ensure our contractor agreements and payroll services are compliant with Canadian payroll taxes and reduce the risks of worker misclassification.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Canadian Payroll Services offers a health and wellness package designed specifically for Canadian contract workers. Offer health, dental, drug benefits, and life insurance to your valued contractors at a fraction of the cost they would pay for an equivalent plan.

Your Canadian Remote workers can access discounted gym memberships and health and wellness programs through our partnership with Canada’s premier fitness company, Goodlife.

Understanding the Importance of Worker Classification

Hire Your First Employee in Canada with Canadian Payroll Services

As an employer of record, Canadian Payroll Services can help you hire quickly and compliantly in Canada, without having to open a local entity. We handle payroll, onboarding, and local compliance so that you never have to worry about it.