How We Partner With Economic Developers
We make international employment easy for employers and employees, connecting hard to find talent with companies in need.

Canadian Payroll Services Inc. is a niche-to-niche Professional Employer Organization helping international employers engage Canadian talent. Where most PEOs focus on large employers, we provide just the right solutions for companies looking to expand in Canada with small teams or even one rockstar remote employee.

As an employer of record, we help our clients mitigate legal and tax risks, and save them from the complexities involved in creating Canadian business entities.

Employer Advantage

  • Simplify international and remote employment
  • Trust compliance to the experts
  • Take advantage of our local payroll and employment standards expertise
  • Leverage our connections with legal and recruiting experts

Partnering with a PEO

  • Bring remote-only global business to Canada
  • Getting started without investing in  bricks and mortar
  • Payroll solutions for small and midsize companies
  • A truly global talent and partner network

It’s our experience that when we help international employers gain a foothold in Canada, they grow with our communities, creating jobs and new economic opportunities that attract even more highly skilled new Canadians. Our clients drive growth in communities all across Canada by bringing good jobs to wherever their workers live.

Since 2016 CPS has created employment solutions for dozens of small to mid-size companies located in USA, UK, Germany, Australia, and South Africa. We want to partner with you to bring global employers into Canada.