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For Employees

International Job Offer? We Can Help!

So you’re talking to a hiring manager or recruiter from outside Canada… we can help!

Canadian Payroll Services is an Employer of Record that specializes in helping Canadian remote workers who’ve received job offers from US or global employers. We hire you on behalf of your employer and handle payroll, taxes and Canadian compliance. They direct you day to day.

International Job Offer
What Is Employer of Record

What Is Employer of Record?

Canadian Payroll Services makes it possible for Canadian remote workers to work for global companies that don’t have a presence in Canada. While your new employer directs your day to day, we manage your payroll, health and financial benefits, tax deductions and forms, compliance in your province and provide HR support.

Instead of operating as a contractor, you can have the full employee experience without having to relocate.

Why Work with an Employer of Record?

EORs like Canadian Payroll Services help employers hire in Canada without opening a local subsidiary. Hiring in Canada is faster and cheaper through an EOR – and we handle compliance! Our experienced HR and payroll administrators are all certified for Canadian payroll and employment standards. We support you and your employer, every step of the way!

Why Work with an Employer of Record
If I Am Hired by an Employer of Record, Who Is My Employer

If I Am Hired by an Employer of Record, Who Is My Employer?

Employers of record hire workers on behalf of other companies. When you are hired through Canadian Payroll Services, you become our legal employee. We are responsible for delivering payroll on time, providing mandatory health and safety training, remitting taxes to the government on your behalf, and ensuring compliance during your tenure with us.

Our client, the company we are hiring you on behalf of, directs you day to day. They are responsible for your training and direction, and performance management.

  • Eligible for raises, promotions, and performance bonuses.
  • Able to represent the company in negotiations and contracts, if that is part of your role.
  • May be eligible to participate in their employee stock option plans, issued directly by them.

Do I Have to Incorporate a Business?

Workers hired through an Employer of Record do not have to incorporate a business – unless they’re hired as a contractor!

If you are hired as an employee through an EOR, you are and will be treated as an employee. You will receive regular paycheques, directly deposited into your bank account and we will deduct and remit taxes, CPP, and EI on your behalf. We will provide digital paystubs and tax forms including a work from home T2200 expense form. 

Do I Have to Incorporate a Business

How Do I Get Started with an Employer of Record?

If Employer of Record sounds like the solution that you and your new employer are looking for, reach out today to speak with one of our sales representatives. We will walk your client through our offering and put together a package that meets their unique business needs. Onboarding can be completed in as little as two to three weeks!

We Handle Compliance

We Handle Compliance

Canadian Payroll Services is a fully local Employer of Record. Our in-country staff of HR and payroll administrators are certified in Canadian payroll and employment standards, and we work with the best employment lawyers in Canada!

  • Employment contracts that conform provincial legislation
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Quebec language law compliance
  • Tax remittance and forms
  • Advice on employment standards
  • Employment law bulletins


Our Human Resources and Payroll managers are certified, experienced, experts in Canadian employment and payroll rules.

Human_Resources_Professionals_Association HRPA
National Payroll Institute

You Will Be Hired

Canadian Payroll Services will work with you and your employer to ensure that you are hired the right way.

  • No worker misclassification
  • Canadian salary paid in Canadian dollars
  • Accurate and on time payroll
  • Taxes deducted and remitted on time
  • Tax forms, employment letters, and support 
You Will Be Hired THE RIGHT WAY

Where Do I Pay Taxes?

When you are hired by an Employer of Record, you pay taxes where you live not where your foreign employer operates. As a Canadian remote worker, you pay taxes in Canada. Canadian Payroll Services will deduct and remit payroll taxes for you, as well as making mandatory employer contributions. We will issue you a T4 and T2200 during tax season so that you can file your taxes in Canada without trouble.

What if I Travel for Work in Canada and the US

What if I Travel for Work in Canada and the US?

Many remote workers don’t just work out of their homes, but also travel in Canada and the US for work. Whether you’re conducting site visits, attending conferences, or meeting with clients, travelling in Canada and the US won’t impact where and how much taxes you pay.

Do I Need a US Work Visa to Accept a Job Offer from a US Company?

No! You only need to be eligible to work in Canada and have a valid SIN. You can work remotely from Canada for a US company without a work visa. As a remote worker hired through an employer of record, you are not working in the US, even if you are working for a US company.  

Our Employee Management Portal


Hired by a small business? We can manage the whole expense process in our employee portal. Simply start an expense report, upload receipts, and submit it for approval. Once your manager approves it, a reimbursement is added to your next paycheque.

Time Off

Use our portal to book time off, whether vacation or sick days, and check your available balance. Our employee management portal can handle even the most complex time off policies, and is free to use, even if you’re a team of one!

Our Employee Benefits and Perks

Employee Benefits

We help our clients put together custom health, wellness and retirement packages that make sense for their unique business needs. During the onboarding process they can choose from:

  • Health Insurance and Extended Benefits
  • Employee Assistance Plan
  • Health Spending Accounts
  • Retirement Savings Matches
Employee Benefits
Group RRSP and Retirement Savings Options

Group RRSP and Retirement Savings Options 

Financial wellness is more important to workers than ever. When you are onboarded with Canadian Payroll Services you will have access to a suite of retirement savings tools, including expert financial advice and access to our Group RRSP.

Ready to Get Started?

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