Hire Canadian Talent from Anywhere

International hiring can be messy, but it doesn’t have to be! Canadian Payroll Services helps global companies hire Canadian remote workers and teams. We manage your hiring, payroll, employment compliance, and recruiting through our Employer of Record (EOR) employee leasing service. No need to set up and register a local entity – we hire your workers and lease them back to you. 


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How Employee Leasing Works 

Canadian Payroll Services is an Employer of Record delivering employee leasing and PEO services. We make it possible for global companies to build long-term, compliant employment relationships with Canadian remote workers without creating a local entity. When we hire your workers, we become their legal employer, responsible for managing their payroll, tax records, and benefits while you manage their day-to-day. 

Put Your Canadian Compliance in The Hands of Experts   

Our HR Account Managers and Certified Payroll Practitioners bring deep local expertise to every part of the employee lifecycle, from recruiting to hiring to onboarding to offboarding. We work with the best local employment law firms to create compliant agreements, checklists, and Human Resources templates. We provide on-call advice from local experts without subcontracting our processes to third parties. We support your Canadian remote workers every step of the way. 

We Make Canadian Remote Payroll Easy 

Paying remote Canadian workers can be complex, but we make it easy. We invoice you once a month for wages, benefits, and fees, with expenses separated for easier reporting. 

  • Combined Invoices 
  • Expense Management 
  • Automatic Payments  
  • Great Exchange Rates  

Deliver a Great Employee Experience to Your Remote Team  

As your Employer of Record partner, we ensure your remote Canadian workers have a great experience from onboarding to end-of-year and every payroll cycle in between. Your Canadian team will receive direct, uninterrupted payments and can access self-serve digital pay stubs and tax forms on demand.   

  • Expanse Management  
  • Leave Management   
  • Digital Paystubs and Tax Forms  
  • On-Call Support   
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