For US Companies with H-1B Visa Employees

Is your H1-B employee considering a move to Canada? We can help you keep your top talent as a remote worker?

Not every H1-B visa holder is looking to extend their visa or settle in the US. Many H-1B employees consider immigrating to Canada when their US work visa expires, by applying for a Canadian work visa or permanent residency. Fortunately for them, Canada’s immigration policy prioritizes highly educated people with transferable skills, a category that most H1-B holders fall into.

How a Canadian PEO Can Help

If your current H1-B employee is considering a move to Canada, you can keep them on board by rehiring them as a remote worker. Canadian Payroll Services can act as their employer of record in Canada, handling all the administrative details of payroll, compliance, and reporting.

If you are a current or former H1-B employee and considering relocating to Canada, CPS can partner with you and your employer to make sure you can keep doing what you do best: your job. To learn more about migration, visas and Canadian permanent residency, start with this Government of Canada fact sheet.

Learn more about Canadian relocation, visas, and express entry program here.  

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