From Recruiter to PEO

From Recruiter to PEO

Closing the Loop On International Placements

Like so many other industries, recruiting is increasingly globalized. Companies want top talent but sometimes the best candidates are 8 hours away, never mind the old hiring standby of 20-40 minutes. For global clients, recruiting agencies can place new hires at local offices or secure a work visa. And global recruiting firms can payroll candidates with their payroll services through their local entity. But what if neither the client nor the agency have a large international presence, and aren’t ready to launch one? 

That’s where a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that offers Employer of Record (EoR) services comes in. PEOs specialize in offering human resources and back office services to lean or international companies. Every PEO is different but their suite of services can include payroll, benefits, retirement, EoR, expense management, human resources management, workforce planning, recruiting and more. PEOs cater to organizations that lack a back office of their own, that need one specific service from the above, or who want to employ workers all over the world, in jurisdictions where their clients have no legal entity. By partnering with a PEO recruiting firms can enter new markets without building a global business infrastructure. 

Canadian Payroll Services works with recruiting firms from the US, UK, Singapore, China and more to place remote Canadian workers with global companies. They find the candidate, we handle payroll, benefits, onboarding and any other HR services the recruiting firm or their client requires. These firms recognize the value that the Canadian talent market adds to their business. As Canadian economic growth continues to lag behind that of the US and other G7 countries, top talent has been scouted and snapped up by Silicon Valley unicorns for decades. But increasingly, that talent has elected to remain at home and take advantage of those opportunities remotely. 

Hard to fill roles get a lot easier to fill once you start thinking internationally. 

Using a PEO to Power International Recruiting and Staffing: A Case Study

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