How to Be a Better Remote Manager

How to Be a Better Remote Manager

Canadian Payroll Services’ marketing manager, Megan Purdy joined Bev Attfield on People at Work, to discuss HR, remote work polices and the dos and don’ts of work from home.  

On a recent episode of People at Work, Megan Purdy and Bev Attfield discussed the pandemic-enforced work from home experience, respecting your remote employee’s personal space, and what to expect from them. Megan also shared some useful tips and ideas to master the art of working from home  

People at Work 

Bev Attfield is the host of People at Wok and the Director of Brand, Customer Experience, and Employee Experience at Jostle. People at Work is a series of conversations with people that contribute to change in order to build exceptional workplaces. The guests are professionals in their fields; leaders and individuals who are making change happen. They discuss common workplace issues like engagement, teamwork, leadership, and culture, and discuss practical ideas for making change happen.  

Master the Art of Remote Work 

Working remotely is no longer the future of work. It is a current situation that many of us are facing right now. What we’ve learned is that there is no one best way to work remotely. The best methods and resources that you will use to manage your daily tasks and projects depend entirely on your own way of working.  

Megan suggests you study your time and what your week really looks like, figure out when you are most productive and least productive and work around that. If the morning is your most productive time, then that is where you should be focusing your deep attention work. If the afternoon is just a no go where you find yourself drifting on to Twitter, maybe that is the ideal time for you to take a break.  

Similarly, look at your environment. Have you really made the adjustments you need to be physically and emotionally comfortable working from home? Do you have a dedicated workspace? Is there a way that you can make that happen? Create a checklist and make sure that you have made a truly workable environment. 

Respect Your Employees’ Privacy and Situation. 

Megan says that one of the most important things a manager can do is be respectful of their employee’s time and privacy. “We have become uninvited guests in our employees’ homes during this pandemic, and we are being exposed to parts of their lives that we did not know about and they may still not want us to know. In lot of ways, it’s very easy to invade their privacy and that is an added stress we need to be mindful of.” Taking a step back is the right thing to do, and you’ll be rewarded in happier, more productive employees.  

You can listen to the whole podcast here.  

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