Hybrid Remote Work is the Future

Hybrid Remote Work is the Future

A Hybrid Model of Office and Remote

If you ask me what work will look like after COVID-19, I’ll tell you that a hybrid remote work model is the future. Recently, business coach and trainer, Kathy Goughenour invited me onto her new podcast and asked me just that. I joined her on Dare to Leap, a podcast about unconventional work, to talk about the potential remote work has to fundamentally change what work looks like, and how businesses will and should adapt to this evolving new normal.

Dare to Leap

Kathy is a business coach and trainer, specializing in the virtual assistant space. She’s an advocate for women returning to the workforce through remote work, and for people leaving the corporate world to become entrepreneurs. As someone who’s worked partly from home for the better part of 10 years, and who’s worked as a contractor as well as an employee, it was great to chat with Kathy about the nuances of the remote work space.

When companies begin building a remote team, they often think it’s as easy as hiring everyone as a contractor and moving on. But compliance issues are just as important when it comes to remote workers, as they are for in office workers. It’s important for business leaders and entrepreneurs to understand the difference between employees and contractors, and their responsibilities to each. (That’s where CPS comes in.)

Why Hybrid Remote Work Is Key

Remote work is often seen as a stop gap, or a nice to have for employees. Kathy and I delved into how it has the potential to be much more transformative than that. A hybrid remote work model, that allows some employees to work in office, others to work at home, and some to do a combination of both, might sound aggravating at first, but it’s a way for companies to achieve multiple business objectives.

The hybrid model, unlike all in office or all remote, is responsive to employee and business needs and allows companies to build resilience, increase diversity and better accommodate employees with children, older parents or who have disabilities. Kathy and I delve into why the hybrid model is essential to the economic recovery, during and after Covid-19.

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