Can my remote Canadian worker work at our US Office?

If you’re a US-based company considering hiring a Canadian as a remote worker with the help of a PEO agency, you might be wondering if they can ever work with you at your facilities in the US.

The short answer to that question is “no” – but that doesn’t mean you’ll never get to see or meet with your remote Canadian worker! In this article, we’ll discuss the general rules and limitations for a remote Canadian worker to visit the US for business purposes with your company.

There is a big difference between working in the USA and meeting in the USA, and unless your remote Canadian worker is a US citizen, he or she cannot work on American soil without a US work visa.

However, Canadian citizens (and Canadian Permanent Residents holding US-issued B1/B2 Visas), can attend business meetings, conferences/trade shows, and training seminars on American soil. This means your remote Canadian worker can visit your US office to attend business meetings, but not to service your US clients, or to perform actual work at your US office. US Customs typically gauge the duration of the visit to determine if a visit is for the purpose of a meeting or for illegal working purposes. Generally speaking, visits lasting one week or less make sense for conferences or business meetings, even if multiple trips are made during the year. US Customs will likely become concerned if your remote worker frequently needs to enter the US for weeks or months at a time.

It is also important that your remote worker identifies our Canadian-based PEO agency as their official employer rather than your US-based company to US Customs. In fact, US Customs may not allow your remote worker into the US if they identify your company as their employer because they do not possess a valid US work visa sponsored by your company. At Canadian Payroll Services, we provide proof of employment to all our agency employees so they can travel to the US.

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