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Reasons to hire remotely

7 Reasons to Hire Remotely in Toronto

Toronto is probably the city that comes to mind when non-Canadians think of Canada. The city has produced international celebrities including rapper Drake and comedians Samantha Bee and Mike Myers. And most recently, the city’s basketball team the Toronto Raptors dethroned two-time defending Golden State Warriors to become the first team from outside the United […]
HR Strategies for Remote Workers and Teams

HR Strategies for Remote Workers and Teams

According to Forbes, by 2020, Gen Z will comprise 36% of the global workforce. Being digital natives who grew up in an internet-centric society, members of this generation are more likely to be comfortable with newer technology and more inclined to seek remote or flexible working arrangements, rather than pursue traditional corporate roles. More and […]
Best practices for hiring remote workers

Best Practices for Hiring Remote Workers

The traditional way of hiring talent is, to say the least, limiting the options available to you to hire top talent with truly diverse skillsets. If you want to hire an Operations Manager, for example, you can’t select from all diverse talent with all the skillsets you need. Geography and distance limit your choices. If […]
Skills to look for in remote worker

Skills to Look for In Remote Workers

Nearly 56% of companies globally allow some sort of remote work. For some that means letting employees work from home on occasion, for others it means having one or more employees digitally commuting 100% of the time. The advantages for both employees and employers are clear. More focus and fewer costs are among the top […]
Guidelines on managing remote worker

Guidelines for Effectively Managing Remote Workers

There are plenty of reasons to use remote teams. Remote workers report high job satisfaction and being more focused and productive. For employers, a remote workforce can represent cost savings but they can also represent a challenge for managers. Some worry that without seeing their team daily it may be difficult to ensure a team […]
Coworking Space

Why You Should Consider a Coworking Space

You’re a freelancer or entrepreneur, or perhaps you work remotely. You have ditched the 9 to 5 work day and the cramped cubicle for work on your own terms and you are probably killing it. Working remotely from a home office has many advantages. You don’t have to deal with loud coworkers, you have more […]
Coworking Space

Essential Tools for Distributed Teams (and for Not So Distributed Ones)

The key to effective teamwork is communication, which is probably why so many workplaces have adopted Slack into their daily routine. The application allows coworkers to freely communicate across different platforms, send each other reminders, have full discussions, or just exchange an encouraging gif every once and awhile. Slack integrates with a variety of commonly […]
PEO agency

Who Do I Work For? Being Hired Through a PEO Agency

The Employer-Employee-PEO Relationship If you and your US-based employer are considering using a PEO agency like Canadian Payroll Services to facilitate your payroll and benefits and other administrivia that works a bit differently in Canada, you might be wondering what will make your relationship to your employer different from a regular employer-employee relationship.
Cost to employ remote worker

What does it cost to employ a remote worker in Canada?

There are 5 notable costs associated with US companies employing a remote employee in Canada: The salary for the Canadian Employee Benefits, Vacation and Statutory Holidays Employer Payroll Taxes Agency Fees Currency Exchange Fees Got another question about using a Canadian-based PEO agency to help you hire remote workers in Canada? Get in touch with […]
Legalities of Hiring Remote Canadian Workers for US Based Companies

Legalities of Hiring Remote Canadian Workers for US Based Companies

Many American companies look north to hire Canadian workers to work remotely for their operations. It could be salespeople selling their products or services in Canada, technicians to service their Canadian installations, or simply Canadian talent to support their business inside the US or internationally. In such cases, a US work visa is not required […]
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