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Bill 47

Bill 47 Will Impact All Employers of Ontario Workers

The Ontario Progressive Conservatives have just introduced Bill 47, their first foray into employment law. It repeals many of the provisions of the Ontario Liberals’ Bill 148, which made sweeping changes to Ontario’s employment landscape. Bill 47 will roll back holiday pay calculations and the treatment of some leaves, and substantially change how employers of […]
Risks and Benefits of augmented staffing

What Are the Risks and Benefits of Augmented Staffing?

Today’s workplace is made up of a variety of different types of employees. Managed services teams, contractors, temporary, part-time, and any combination thereof. Businesses are increasingly reliant on augmented staff. Augmenting an existing workforce allows for flexibility and agility in a changing market. That ability to scale your skilled workforce adds considerable administration costs and […]
Remote worker Canada

Can you work remotely from Canada if your H1-B expires?

Many H-1B holders consider immigrating to Canada when their H-1B visas near expiry. Unfortunately, this often means losing out on a good opportunity or leaving a job. If your current US employer is willing to continue your employment as a remote worker in Canada, once you have secured a permanent residency in Canada they can […]
Legalities of Hiring Remote Canadian Workers for US Based Companies

Legalities of Hiring Remote Canadian Workers for US Based Companies

Many American companies look north to hire Canadian workers to work remotely for their operations. It could be salespeople selling their products or services in Canada, technicians to service their Canadian installations, or simply Canadian talent to support their business inside the US or internationally. In such cases, a US work visa is not required […]
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