For US & International Employers

US & Canadian Employers

Are you an American or International company looking to hire a remote worker in Canada but don’t want the hassles of maintaining a legal establishment in Canada? We have the perfect solution for you.


As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) based in Canada, we can be the employer of record for your Canadian workers and assign them to work for your company as our foreign client.


With Canadian Payroll Services as your Canadian PEO agency partner, you can:

  • Employ remote Canadian workers as true employees, not independent contractors
  • Protect your company and your remote worker under a true Employer-Employee relationship
  • Provide Canadian-based employee benefits and retirement contributions
  • Be fully compliant with Canadian employment laws

We look after all the administrative details of being the official employer of record (EOR), while you and your remote Canadian worker can focus on your core business.


Provincial Employment Standards Acts

We will ensure your job offer and employee workplace policies are compliant with Canadian provincial Employment Standards Acts and labor laws such as work hours, overtime limitations, statutory holidays, vacation days, maternity leave and termination notices.


Canadian Employer Payroll Taxes

We handle and remit all mandatory employer payroll taxes such as employer pension contributions, unemployment insurance contributions, and worker compensation premiums.


Employee Source Deductions

We handle all mandatory employee source deductions such as personal income tax remittances, employee pension contributions, and employee unemployment insurance contributions.


Employee Group Benefits & Retirement Savings Contributions

We can enroll your remote Canadian worker inside an employee benefits plan and provide qualifying retirement savings contributions through Canadian carriers at excellent discounted group rates!


Mandatory Government Reporting & Filing

We provide all mandatory government reporting and filings such as issuing annual income statements (T4s) to your remote Canadian workers so they can file their personal income tax with Canadian tax authorities as an employee.



Put great Canadian talent to work and let Canadian Payroll Services take care of the details!

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