What Are the Risks and Benefits of Augmented Staffing?

Risks and Benefits of augmented staffing

Today’s workplace is made up of a variety of different types of employees. Managed services teams, contractors, temporary, part-time, and any combination thereof. Businesses are increasingly reliant on augmented staff. Augmenting an existing workforce allows for flexibility and agility in a changing market.

That ability to scale your skilled workforce adds considerable administration costs and manpower. And with teams working locally and remote, managing an augmented workforce can be overwhelming.

Managing Relationships

Augmented staff usually don’t come to the office on a daily basis. The digital commute offers advantages for both business and their employees but it also creates gaps in communication. For that reason is important to clearly outline your relationship with your augmented staff.

The employment contract should help reinforce the kind of working relationship you want with the augmented staff member. Defining terms of communication, deliverables, and the metrics by which those deliverables are measured should all be established early on to help you better manage your team.

Managing Governance

Managing an augmented workforce across the globe comes with unique challenges. Navigating legislative and tax regulations for foreign contractors can be challenging for any HR department. The red tape of federal bureaucracy and international taxes may make employing staff in foreign countries like Canada may seem like a hassle. The constant state of flux of employment law adds complications. With each newly elected government making their own changes.

Enlisting the expertise of a Professional Employment Organization can help alleviate that stress. A PEO has the knowledge and experience to navigate local laws, ensuring that contracts are in compliance with local regulations. They can also assist your HR and Legal departments to stay on top of new changes.

PEOs also make it easier to manage the relationships between a company and its augmented workforce. This ensures that your augmented workforce can remain as flexible, and able to meet your businesses needs.

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