Why You Should Consider a Coworking Space

You’re a freelancer or entrepreneur, or perhaps you work remotely. You have ditched the 9 to 5 work day and the cramped cubicle for work on your own terms and you are probably killing it.

Working remotely from a home office has many advantages. You don’t have to deal with loud coworkers, you have more control over your schedule, and chances are you are enjoying your work more. Remote workers report feeling greater job satisfaction, and being healthier and more productive

The home office is not excluded from productivity blockers, however. It often comes with distractions all of its own including loud neighbours, children, pets, and more. It also creates isolation for workers who have few other reasons to leave their home.

So you pack up your mobile workspace and head to a more public workspace. Your local library or coffee shop perhaps? These spaces could be good. Your public library has many free resources that can be valuable and your local coffee shop may pour a perfect cup to enjoy while working. These spaces can be a refreshing change of surroundings but ultimately they are not places to do business. Public spaces like these are loud, often have limited space available, and offer no privacy.

coworking spaces

Coworking communities answer the growing demand for professional workspaces. Coworking spaces are shared offices that allow individuals or small businesses to rent the space they need to get work done. This can range from lounge spaces or hot desks to small office spaces depending on the coworking space.

Joining a coworking space is cheaper than investing in your own private office space but affords you many of the same perks. They have the added advantage of being great collaborative spaces where members can build their networks and exchange ideas.

Membership in these spaces ranges in price depending on your needs, location, and amenities but the fee may be worth the features. It allows you to have an office on your terms, where your schedule is still flexible but you can draw on the structure and advantages of a traditional office like having a boardroom.

If you are curious about coworking spaces in your community visit Coworker.com. With hundreds of registered spaces across the country, you can find one with the amenities that are important to your productivity. Coworking spaces don’t necessarily have to be your only solution. You may find a combination of working spaces works best or perhaps you just need space for an important client meeting. Working remotely from within coworking communities allows that freedom.

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