How to Choose an Employer of Record (EOR)

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How To Choose An EOR

When you need to hire remote workers in Canada, the complexities of employment regulations, payroll and work permit requirements for non-resident companies can seem daunting. Canadian Payroll Services makes managing payroll and employment compliance easy. You find the right talent; CPS hires and onboards them through our Employer of Record Service (EOR).

As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Canadian Payroll Services takes on the back-office administration of payroll, onboarding, offboarding and employment compliance for global companies that don’t have a Canadian presence. No need to set up a new branch or subsidiary, open a local bank account or register with the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Expertise and Experience

Compliance first mindset

Customer First approach

Not Sure EOR is Right For You?

Trying to decide between going with an EOR, PEO. opening a local subsidiary or some other alternative to hire your Canadian remote workers? While every EOR alternative has its benefits, nothing brings peace of mind like outsourcing core employment functions to the experts at a local EOR.

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