Can you work remotely from Canada if your H1-B expires?

Can You Work Remotely from Canada if Your H-1B Expires?

Many H-1B holders consider immigrating to Canada when their H-1B expires. Unfortunately, this often means losing out on a good opportunity or leaving a job. If your current US employer is open to your working remotely from Canada, there may be a path to keeping your current job. 

H-1B visa holders don’t receive preferential treatment from the Canadian immigration system, but our points-based system favours potential newcomers that are highly skilled, easily employed and financially independent. In other words, similar qualities to those who receive H1-B visas.

What to Do When Your H1-B Expires

Pursuing a Canadian work visa or permanent residency is more than worth it. The country is growing rapidly, welcomes newcomers and has plenty of employment opportunities for skilled workers. Once you have secured a visa or permanent residency in Canada your US-based employer can partner with a Canadian-based Professional Employment Organization, who will be your new employer of record.

As your employer of record, Canadian Payroll Services would hire and then contract you out to your now former employer. You keep your old job – the only difference is that we handle paying you. As an employer partner, we ensure that you are paid on time and in compliance with Canadian employment laws.

We take on the administrative aspects of Canadian employment so that you can keep on doing what you do best.

US Travel Visas

As a Canadian permanent resident, you will need to get a US-issued B1/B2 multiple entry visitor visas in order for you to cross back into the US to meet your US employer for occasional business meetings (assuming your H1-B expires). This B1/B2 visa is straight-forward to get but doesn’t permit you to work on US soil. However, you can use it for business meetings with your current US employer (now officially your client), and to attend trade conferences and training seminars in the US.

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