When Is It Safe to Go Back to the Office?

When Is It Safe to Go Back to the Office?

When Is It Safe to Go Back to the Office?

The most important question that leaders will face this year and in the coming years is, “when is it safe to go back to the office?” The pattern of opening, cases rising, and then new health measures being imposed is by now familiar. Small and large waves of Covid-19 is a reality that all businesses will have to come to grips with, until a vaccine is developed and distributed. Instead of one return to the office, leaders should plan for returns, with some returning, some staying remote, and even for sending staff home again.

When will it be safe where you operate? That’s a complicated question with an even more complicated answer. We’re all on different timetables based on local cases, health authority directives, the availability of PPE and the pace of modifications to make office workspaces safer. Leaders must plan carefully using the best advice of credible local authorities.

Major Corporations are Targeting Summer 2021

From tech to manufacturing, major corporations are now targeting a summer 2021 return to the office for their salaried, office workers. This includes Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook, and car giants like GM. The companies admit that we could see Covid-19 flareups in 2021 – their target date is not based on an estimate of when a vaccine will be available, but when they can safely have the infrastructure in place for their large workforces to operate safely in office, and on their individual business needs.

While Canadian Payroll Services has elected to stay remote in the long term, like every other business we’ve worked hard to craft a business continuity plan that can account for the uncertainty we should all expect in the near future.

If you’re grappling with a transition to remote or looking to plan a safe return to the office, you might enjoy our series, How to Go Remote Permanently. In it, we’re sharing blogs, checklists and other resources to prepare your team for change.

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